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    Shantou city state too logistics co., LTD

    Contacts:Guo-chun wu

    A mobile phone:13825889567

    The phone:0754-82489115


    Address:Chaoshan road suitable ze industrial zone of chenghai north roadABuilding1-5Number(Marcy park、Behind the new industrial park)

Company introduction

      First of all to the state too logistics co., LTD. Website every guest,Our sincere respect and heartfelt blessing,Sincerely hope to be with you“The friend in life,Business partner”。 Shantou state too logistics co., LTD. Is a shantou traffic office of the people's government,Land transportation administrative office、Shantou city administration for industry and commerce,Bureau of the competent department strict examination and approval,Approved with highway operational qualification,Formal shantou large logistics enterprises。All over the country, mainly engaged in shantou shantou state too logistics logistics lines ChangDuanTu cargo transportation business。

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Logistics lines

    1、The chaoshan area←→Shaanxi special line/Shanxi special line
    Xi 'an Yanan Baoji Xianyang Tongchuan Hanzhong city Ankang Yulin Weinan Taiyuan Map of houma Yuncheng Hongtong Dhi
    2、The chaoshan area←→Gansu special line
    Lanzhou Silver Tianshui Longnan Dingxi Jinchang Terrible Zhang ye Jiuquan Jiayuguan Dunhuang
    3、The chaoshan area←→Ningxia special line
    Yinchuan Hui Qingtongxia Making In wuhai Evalution Central defender LingWu
    4、The chaoshan area←→Qinghai special line
    Xining Golmud Make ha Touraine Days ridge Yushu Just was found
    5、The chaoshan area←→Xinjiang special line
    In urumqi Yining Hami Korla Aksu JingHe Shihezi WuSu Kashgar Hetian
    6、The chaoshan area←→Inner Mongolia/Tibet line
    Ordos Baotou Lhasa Qamdo prefecture Ali